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Education for anaesthesia providers worldwide

Volume 24

December 2008

Editor(s)-in-Chief: Bruce McCormick

ISSN 1253-4882

The Journal of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists

Update Team


Bruce McCormick (UK)

Guest Editor

Matthew Mackenzie (UK)

Editorial Board

Gustavo Elena (Argentina)
Berend Mets (USA)
Aboudoul-Fataou Ouro-Bang’na Maman (Togo) David Pescod (Australia)
Jeanette Thirlwell (Australia)
Isabeau Walker (UK)
Iain Wilson (UK)

Contributing Editors

Lauren Barker (UK)
Nick Batchelor (UK)
Matthew Grayling (UK)
Carl Gwinnutt (UK)
Alastair Hellewell (UK)
Darryl Johnston (UK)
Quentin Milner (UK)
Mark Newton (Uganda)
Fleur Roberts (UK)
Fred Roberts (UK)
John Saddler (UK)
David Sanders (UK)
Katrina Webster (Australia)
Kate Wilson (UK)
Chief Illustrator
Dave Wilkinson (UK)


Angie Jones, Sumographics (UK)


COS Printers Pte Ltd (Singapore)