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Development and Pilot Testing of a Context-Relevant Safe Anesthesia Checklist for Cesarean Delivery in East Africa

Published: May 1, 2019

DOI 10.1213/ANE.0000000000003874

Categories: Global Health, Obstetrics Anaesthesia

Language: English


Maternal mortality rate in developing countries is 20 times higher than in developed countries. Detailed reports surrounding maternal deaths have noted an association between substandard management during emergency events and death. In parallel with these findings, there is increasing evidence for cognitive aids as a means to prevent errors during perioperative crises. However, previously published findings are not directly applicable to cesarean delivery in low-income settings. Our hypothesis was that the use of obstetric anesthesia checklists in the management of high-fidelity simulated obstetrical emergency scenarios would improve adherence to best practice guidelines in low- and middle-income countries.