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Categories: Neuroanaesthesia

Published July 20, 2021

This tutorial will briefly review various brainstem reflexes in different neurosurgical operations. It also describes the etiologies and mechanisms that may precipitate them. It is important for anesthetists providing perioperative care to neurosurgical patients to have an awareness of the potential brainstem reflexes.

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Published July 6, 2021

This tutorial describes ultrasound-guided lumbar plexus blocks in paediatric patients. It outlines the relevant anatomy, indications, contraindications, complications, and equipment required. It also describes various ultrasound approaches and how to perform this block, focusing on the Shamrock method.

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Published June 22, 2021

This tutorial covers the pertinent anaesthetic considerations for patients undergoing a trial of labor after caesarean (TOLAC) with the aim of vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). The tutorial includes a discussion on the benefits of epidural analgesia and the diagnosis and management of uterine rupture...

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Categories: General Topics

Published June 8, 2021

A malfunction of cardiac ion channels can result in prolongation of ventricular repolatisation and hence of the QT interval, making arrhythmias mores likely. Both congenital and acquired forms are recognised, and drug induced QT-prolongation is common in the perioperative period. Recognition of the arrhythmogenic potential,...

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