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Categories: General Topics

Published September 26, 2023

Epidurals can provide excellent neuraxial blockade for analgesia and anaesthesia. However, several elements of the technique can be varied to increase successful access of the epidural space.

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Categories: Critical Care

Published September 12, 2023

In this tutorial we outline the pharmacology of the novel inotrope Levosimendan, a calcium sensitizer, and we discuss the current available evidence. We also outline several other novel inotropes in development and finally we discuss the ancient ShenFu traditional Chinese medicine used in China for...

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Categories: General Topics

Published August 29, 2023

Surgeries involving the posterior fossa pose unique challenges for anaesthetists, primarily due to the vital structures contained within and the extreme intraoperative positions that patients have to take. This tutorial outlines the various operative and intraoperative positions and their associated complications. The tutorial highlights approaches...

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Published August 15, 2023

Obstetric transfers represent a clinical and psychological challenge for the pre-hospital or retrieval clinician. This tutorial covers some basics of transfer decision making using case-based examples of common obstetric scenarios, alongside explanations of common obstetric emergencies.

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