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Published January 11, 2022

This tutorial reviews the haemodynamic changes in pregnancy and discusses the current evidence for various non-invasive and minimally-invasive CO monitoring techniques and their role in the management of conditions including heart disease, significant blood loss, and severe pre-eclampsia.

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Published December 28, 2021

This tutorial explains how to evaluate neuraxial anaesthesia in the obstetric patient. It details the complications of neuraxial anaesthesia and aids in the decision making process when to investigate further and the order of such investigations and their timing. The majority of peripartum neurological complications...

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Published December 14, 2021

Opioid free anaesthesia has emerged as a feasible, effective alternative to conventional opioid based anaesthesia and is advantageous in a selected group of patients. This article reviews the basis of the move toward opioid free anaesthesia, and describes the components, advantages, and disadvantages, of opioid...

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Categories: General Topics

Published November 30, 2021

An introduction to point of care coagulation testing in the form of viscoelastic haemostatic assays; how they function, what they tell us about our patients clotting status, and how they compare to more conventional tests of coagulation.

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