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Categories: Pain Management

Published March 14, 2023

This tutorial covers the principles of safe and rational prescribing of opioids for patients on discharge from hospital after surgery. It is intended to be relevant to a wide range of prescribers.

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Published March 2, 2023

This tutorial reviews the Superior Trunk block, a relatively new regional technique useful for shoulder surgery analgesia and anesthesia.

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Published February 14, 2023

Prone ventilation is considered for patients with ARDS with PaO2/FiO2 of less than 150 on arterial blood gas. This improves overall lung compliance, leads to homogenous distribution of transpulmonary pressures, improves right heart function, and improves 28-90 days mortality.

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Categories: Patient Safety

Published January 31, 2023

Speaking up and flattening hierarchy plays an important role in maintaining patient safety. This tutorial presents definitions, techniques, strategies, and barriers for implementing speaking up in the operating room.

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